To move a WordPress page, has basically meant that you have had to install a brand new WordPress page, and export/import the old WordPress page.

But now there is an easier and faster solution to move a WordPress page.

Conditions: This solution requires that you first have installed and activated the WordPress extensionduplicator on your existing WordPress page (with the previous supplier). Then, you need to have created a MySQL database with the provider that you want to move your WordPress page to. You can see here how to upload a new database.

Move a WordPress page as simple as possible

  1. Download the WordPress page.In the administration (/wpadmin) of the existing WordPress page, go to ”Tools” > ”Duplicator”.Click on the button ”Create Package(looks like a hard drive with an arrow pointing down). It willbring up a pop-up box, asking you to confirm that a package should be created (click on the”OK”button).

    If the WordPress page is large (many pages, images, etcit may take a while for the package tobe created. When the page has finished loading, click on the two buttons ”InstallerandPackage, both of which have a floppydisk in front of them, to download the entire WordPresspage to your computer.

  2. Upload the WordPress page.Then log in via FTP to the new supplier (the new hosting company). Where you upload the files you just downloaded, ie ”installer.phpand the package with the WordPress page. Be sure to putthese files in the correct folder on the FTP server. If you are a customer with us, then thesefiles need to be placed directly in the public_html folder.
  3. Install the WordPress Page.Then go to your page with the new provider and add /installer.php after your address, such as Where you are greeted by a setup wizard, where you enter the data for your MySQL database. The rest of the information on this page is optional. Tick the box at the bottom and click on the ”Install” button to complete the migration of your WordPress page.

    When the move is complete, you may need to adjust the settings for permanent links inWordPress, but you will be informed clearly about this likewise.

It is not harder than that to move a WordPress page with this supplement. Another advantage is that you get all the files in the move, such as extensions and themes.

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